Aegean Ecoplastics is a newly established Social Cooperative Enterprise with ecological consciousness. Its goal is to collect plastic that will be recycled and pressed in panel boards and then reused for a better purpose. The second major goal is to educate local people (kids and adults) in recycling practices through lectures to schools and events, 3d printing tools, provide job positions to minorities, organize beach clean-ups with our growing volunteering team and other similar activities.

  • Rhodes, Greece
  • Recycling
  • Recycled plastic panels
  • 250.000€
  • Mentors
  • Type of Investment
    Self- Funded
    Looking for co-financing and mentoring

    Target group

    • Hotels
    • Tourism industry
    • Households
    • Architects
    • Interior Designers
    • Recycling Companies

    Team of investors
    The co-founders of Aegean Eco plastics are young and passionate about environmental protection. They aim to contribute by collecting plastic waste and reuse it  according to the principles of circular economy. They are all highly educated and specialized in social enterprises with environmental impact.

    Product- Service to be provided
    Aegean Ecoplastics is a newly established social enterprise which aspires to collect and recycle as much plastic as possible through exhibitions and through waste of the tourism industry.
    The first product that the enterprise has planned to produce is panel boards out of recycled plastic. The panels can be used for a variety of architectural and decorative purposes ranging from floors, to tiles, to kitchen cabinets and wash basins,  and numerous surface areas.

  • Amount of funding requested
    250,000 euro
    Steps of investment
    -100,000 for initial equipment and industrial space to be used
    -100,000 for employees and vehicles
    -50,000 create collection points, some extra equipment.

  • The investment aspires to face:

    • Climate Change
    • Carbon Emissions
    • End Coastal Landfills
    • Circular Economy
    • Zero waste Mindset
    • Betterness of waste disposal

    In specific the Enterprise aspires to promote the principles of the circular economy. Its goal is to create new, high-quality material suitable for re-integration into the industry, and to explore and promote a holistic approach to the waste problem of plastics.

    Also contributing at SDG- 9 “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”

  • Our team consists of an architect (Sevasti), who works at a local technical company in Rhodes Island. Architecture has always been a great insert for the betterment of society at large. The majority of constructions and renovations in the Greek islands happen due to tourism, which is affecting this field tremendously. She cooperates with colleagues and craftsmen all over Rhodes island and has a deep understanding of the furniture needed for the renovations and hotel design. Sustainable architecture is always an important subject for her, that she incorporates in her projects. Our new durable recycled materials can immerse and elevate new designs.

    We also have a Marketeer (Vasiliki) who has experience in Customer Relations. She has been working in social media marketing for almost 4 years for luxury hotels, businesses (restaurants and cafes), helping them to create their storytelling and get brand awareness online. Furthermore, she runs her own retail business with handmade crochet items. She has also experience in statistical controls, online advertising, Business Plans, and Off SEO.

    Our third member is also Marketeer (Athina) currently working in a Marketing company in Rhodes Island, who has experience in Marketing and communication strategy plans. Additionally, she is a co-founder of another Social Cooperative Enterprise named InfinityGreece, which provides a secure, sheltered, and guided environment for members to be trained, find partners, equipment, and all the means to experiment and develop personal and technical skills in the digital media and advertising field. Moreover, InfinityGreece is welcoming more than 100+ volunteers every year, as a Community Manager, she is able to create and coordinate a new volunteer team in order to achieve Aegean Ecoplastics’ goals.

    Lastly, Tonia and Maria, are successful businesswomen, who have motorboats and canoe kayaks renting company. They volunteer in cleaning actions every winter in Rhodes island, and also organize sea clean-ups with kayaks and boats, collecting plastic waste that floats on the water. They are known to their local community for their sensibilities and can help to incorporate new people into our volunteering team.

    Finally, Athina is a certified educator on innovative forms of education and learning. Further, Sevasti has a broad knowledge of 3D designing and editing programs. She has worked as a design program instructor to students and she has participated in environmental seminars and workshops on sustainability and sustainable architecture.

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